Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

1. What do I need to get started?

You need to have an e-mail address, USDT crypto wallet, mobile phone number and government ID / Passport Number.

2. Can I register directly without any referral ID.

Nope. You can't register directly without any referral ID. Please do obtain in from your Introducer.

3. If I buy a starter kit with value at USDT 110, what in my projected staking profits?

Based on what we have observed, most user can make at least 4 to 5 staking hours daily using this system. So based on 2.4 point per 1 hours staking, you can generate 12 point daily.

4. How many starter kit can I buy for my account? 

We have setting a capping at 20 starter kit (each of USDT 110). You can also buy 1 starter kit which have value of 1100 (equivalence to 10 USDT 110 kit) or 1 starter kit  which have value if 2200 (equivalence of 20 USDT 110 kit).

5. Can I buy point from my fellow user?

Nope. Point and Pin can only be obtained from the listed Exchanger inside the system. You can freely select the one's exchanger that you like.

6. How long is my account be active?

Your account will always be active if you have a starter kit purchased and active on your account. In the case of no active starter kit available on your account, it will be removed after 7 days of the last active started kit end. You can't reactivate this account once it being remove. Any downline or commission you entitled from this non-active account will be void and purge. No compensation will be given. Please be aware of this matter.

7. How long each starter kit being active?

Each starter kit has a life span value of either 30 days or 100 day upon purchasing. To avoid any complication onto your account, please maintained your account have at least 1 active starter kit at any time.

8. What about selling the point? Can I sell the point available on my e-wallet daily?

Selling your staking point are permitted once the threshold of 120 point in the E-Wallet is reached. Clients can request for selling it up to four times a day, with each selling capped at 120 point. Some exchanger might happen to have their weekly off-day on Saturday or Sunday. Normally it will takes up to 72 hours for the point selling to be successfully transferred to your USDT wallet after Exchanger approved it. The rate of selling point will be based on the exchanger and wholeseller specific rates.

9. Why the rates is difference from Exchanger and Wholeseller?

Exchanger can accept and process buy starterkit but Wholeseller can't. So Wholeseller might set the rates lower. This rate can be discussable with Exchanger. You can directly contact the Exchanger, to get better rates. There is no pegging in rates value set aside by BFCeXchange (platform owner).

10. How much can I generate referral commission?

Our system of referral is "One Level", therefore the commission gain it based on what your downline staking. If your downline stake any 1 to 9 starter kit (based on USDT 110 starter kit) each, you can get 0.10 point commission on every starter kit.

If your downline have 1 starter kit (based on USDT 1100 starter kit), you can get 0.30 point commission. If your downline have 1 starter kit (based on USDT 2200 starter kit), you can get 0.50 point commission.

11. Can I register to be an exchanger?

Yes, everyone can be an exchanger. Please do fill in (THIS FORM) to register. We do need as many exchanger as it can worldwide to cater all our user's need. It's gives a good commission.

12. What if I can't access my login account? Or I wanted to change password and/or my USDT Wallet address?

It can only done by contacting our technical support team (HERE) and please ready with your personal KYC.