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About BFCeXchange

The financial market is big. Processing more than multiple trillion USD on daily basis. Most of it were based on Commodities, Foreign Exchange, Financial Instrument and Cryptocurrency.

One part of the Cryptocurrency market is un-tapped. It's based on Cryptocurrency "staking" technologies. Most of the cryptocurrency were staked personally and it didn't make much progress in terms of capital market. Therefore BFCeXchange comes to tackle the complex issue of it and simplified the process. Using StakeGen as our private and proprietary algorithm, BFCeXchange simplified it and make sure that it can generate wealth within the specific timeframe based on 2.4% APY calculated.

The more pooled account staked on StakeGen, the more profits it will generated. Withdrawal is fast due to multiple exchanger assigned.

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Less work more profits flow

It takes only 1 hours of your time. Only for a maximum 13 times per day.

Financial Instrument

We took Commodity, Digital Assets, Foreign Exchange and Cryptocurrency as our primary financial portfolio.

Global Market

More country and financial player has taken steps to cater financial instrument market globally.


Built-in financial instrument has been designed with a complete connectivity to the robust financial market.


Turn your referral as your passive income generator. Earn USDT from every transaction your referral make.

Crypto To The Moon

The market of Cryptocurrency instrument is more than 1 Trillion USD. The future is near.

Future Growth

Let understood that the liquidity of Tether USD (USDT) is quite similar with paper based US Dollar as a leader.

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Using Digital Assets To Generate Wealth

The future is now. As the global community have been accepting Tether USD (USDT) as equal as United States paper based currency (Dollar), BFCeXchange take futher steps by ensuring the usage of USDT in their portfolio's. Let's do crypto staking today.

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Our Financial Portfolio's

Our processed financial portfolio consisted on these instrument.

Cryptocurrency Staking
Cryptocurrency Trading
Foreign Currency Exchange